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(International Committee for Display Metrology)

The ICDM is an organization of top display metrologists and specialists of related sciences whose goal is to produce standards for measurement and evaluation of displays in a uniform and consistent manner. This is so you can be sure that when a display is measured per the standard of the ICDM, you can have confidence that it was measured properly and the measured numerical results are meaningful.

The ICDM accomplished its goal and produced the IDMS1 (Information Display Measurement Standard 1) on June 1, 2012. This extraordinary document is available for everyone -- for free -- via download on this page. Click on the graphic below.

You will also find test patterns linked via this page that support the IDMS and are good for general usage for characterizing displays, whether used for measurement or visual assessment. Those are also available for free.

The ICDM is a committee in the display industry's predominant display association, SID (Society for Information Display), and is part of the SID Definitions and Standards Committee.

ICDM Test Patterns

IDMS - The ICDM Display Measurement Standard.

IDMS - The ICDM Display Measurement Standard

The ICDM has produced the first standard ever for SID, the ICDM Information Display Measurements Standard (IDMS1) to solve the needs of the display industry to have a single top-notch reference standard for how to measure and characterize displays.

563 pages — all full color

51 MB pdf file


Several years in development

Several hundred contributors

Several dozen authors

A single editor to assure consistency and uniformity — a leading display metrologist


Click on the document image above to access the ICDM standard

ICDM Test Patterns

The ICDM now presents display test patterns suitable for evaluating a display either by the IDMS or in any other manner.

Follow the Downloads link at the top of the page or by clicking on the above image to go to the ICDM Test Pattern Home Page.

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SID Display Week 2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2012
Time: 6:00PM to 9:00PM
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