ICDM - Publishing and Use

(International Committee for Display Metrology)

When the ICDM document (display measurement standard) is published, the intent it to make it free for all, downloadable from this web site.

Assuming we achieve our intent, anyone will be allowed too freedly use the standard. It will be copyrighted and it should be kept together as a single document, a we would as that you acknowledge the ICDM and the standard. However, even if parts of it are used indetendently, please acknowledge the ICDM and the site.


Above all, do not change any of the content of the ICDM DMS. That would defeat the purpose in having a single worldwide, accepted standard, by having counterfeit versions in use. For the same purpose to assure no improper, incomplete, or in-process versions ever get released, no Committee works will be released to the public before they are completed.