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Writing a solid, comprehesive display measurement standard (the ICDM DMS) involves untold numbers of man-years. We are leverageing off our work to produce the FPDM2 (Flat Panel Display Measurement) standard of 2001 and the contibutions of over 100 of the best display evaluation specalists in the world.

As the ICDM DMS (Display Measurement Standard) progresses, there will discussions with International display-related standards associations for shared use.

Many organizations would like a standard such as the DMS, but it is prohibitive. It could take many years to do so. Then, if other organizations did so, there would be multiple documents all stating different ways to measure the same display parameters. This would make for confusion in the display industry by not having single, unified measurement methods for displays. How would one know the best methods to use? As a result, few would really know the best ways to make correct measurements.

The ICDM DMS strives to solve this by having a single document so that all can use, and to provide both the best methods and a unified language for display measurements.

The DMS will be an extraordinary document, covering over 75 display tests and measurements, as well as a glossary, technical discussions, references, and supplemental details discussions.

The amount of man-years it takes to devolop such a document and the amount of expertise with regard to metrology of displays makes it an extraordinary task, one too overwhelming for all but the most committed to the task.

The ICDM will works with world-wide standards organizations to promote good display metrology and proper methods, as well as to provide common language for describing the performance of displays.

The goal is to have one display display standard which is used by other major display-related standards organizations, and that they will reference the ICDM DMS, to help assure it widespread use so that one display measurement document will be used universally by all.

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