This page is to provide a listing of ICDM members who will give papers at SID 2008.

ICDM members are significant contributors to the display industry. Besides the main work of developing displays and display products, designing and producing support products for displays, and defining proper methods to characterize and understand displays, members of the ICDM write articles, work in standards bodies, and present display technology information at forums in the world.

Such is the case for the SID 2008 symposium in Los Angeles, May 20-23, 2008.

The annual SID symposiums are heavy on papers and presentations from ICDM members, as well as members who are session chairs, attesting to the powerful level of display expertise and widespread industry involvement of the ICDM.

The full program can be found at this site:

This list is not yet active

In the future we will address other activies which showcase how SID ICDM members are making important contributions to the display industry.